RX Series Turbos

RX Series Turbos

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**SHIPS: Pre-order**

The RX Series is a perfect upgrade from the IS20 or the IS38 that is found on all the MQB platform vehicles. All factory oil and coolant lines will bolt up along with the downpipe and intake. The Dual ceramic ball bearing allows for fast spool up and adds strength under heavy load.

All turbos are high speed VSR balanced.

•Compressor wheel made from forged billet aluminum 
•High flow, lightweight turbine wheel for fast spooling
•CNC machined compressor and turbine housings to house the larger wheels and upgraded internals
•Dual ball bearing
•High speed balanced
•OEM IS38 Frame for easy installation
•No core needed
•100% New Unit
•Uses factory lines

Fueling required:

91/93 HPFP
E30/48/60 HPFP & LPFP

Note: Swapping over and calibrating actuator is needed

Applications: 15-17 Mk7 Gti, 18-19 Mk7.5 Gti, 15-17 Mk7 Golf R, 18-19 Mk7.5 Golf R, 15-18 A3, 15-18 S3