JDEurosports MQB CGK - Coil Ground Kit

JDEurosports MQB CGK - Coil Ground Kit

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New item! JDEurosports Coil Grounded Ignition Kit (CGK)

· Removes the need of the double nut
· Eliminate the risk of weak circuit
· Chasis grounded coil packs
· Ability to use your choice of hardware
· Automotive grade wiring
· OEM terminals and connectors

Applications: EA888.3 (4D0), (8K0) available for other applications 

  • Golf/GTI & Golf R - Install using grounding lug behind the passenger headlight

  • A3/S3 - Install using grounding lug located behind the passenger headlight on the frame, closest to the fender.

  • 8Y A3/S3 - Install using lug to the driver side and utilize the OE chassis grounding location near the rear of the battery.

  • Mk8 - Installation identical to Mk7/Mk7.5